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Learn some sign language and share it with others.

We all like to gesture with our hands but many of us can hardly make a sentence with them. Give sign language a go. Not only is it a beautiful language but once you get into it you can experience some of the accents as neat flourishes and NZ's very own Maori sign language.

There is even a short game for all ages in some basic words: Sign Ninja http://www.nzslsignninja.co.nz/ But the benefits in learning the language is not only the ability to communicate in it but to have a greater understanding of what it is like to use it. It also draws on our ability to recognize visual patterns, to anticipate movements, to dance in words, and to build our linguistic skills. Plus no teacher or manager will be able to hear you speaking over the top of a presentation again!

Get ready for NZ Sign Language Week --> its coming 9th - 15th May. Just enough time to pick up a few choice sentences to share.

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