To. Be. Me.

To. Be. Me. is a for purpose film that follows the journey of one of New Zealand's pre-eminent social change movements to create the most accessible place to be in the world.

The Film

Be. Accessible, led by Minnie Baragwanath was set up in 2011 to create a more equitable society for people with disabilities, the elderly and anyone with access needs. Today, it has emerged as a remarkable demonstration of courage and hope that opens up a future of endless possibilities.

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Director: Dean Easterbrook

Camera: Karl Stanley, Bruce Nixon, Richard Parsonson

Editors: Dave Henderson, Karl Stanley

Production Managers: Eileen Gallagher, Richard Crayton, Qiulae Wong, Ella Stuart

Production Company: Borderless

Format: High Definition (available online or on DVD)

Duration: 37 minutes